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How much do you care about your luggage in general? Are you one of those people who doesn’t care very much whether they lose their bags, or are you an individual who is always in haste to retrieve the luggage? The answer to this question will establish if you need or not Trakdot.

Real time luggage locator anywhere in the world - sends notifications to your phone when checked-in luggage has arrived safely with you
free iOS/Android app
Trakdot’s patented GSM based smart technology is both FCC Certified and FAA compliant

Some people are in the habit of packing valuable items in their suitcase or duffel bag, instead of placing them in a handbag and hold them at all times. Even the overhead compartment in an aircraft sounds a lot better than the hold. And the fact that you cannot supervise your baggage at all times may cause you some discomfort, especially if it contains things of great worth.

However, what if I told you that there is a way for you to track your luggage at all times? All you need is Trakdot. With the help of this small thing, you will always know the location of your bags.

What is Trakdot?

Trakdot is a small device that you can place in any of your bags. It comes in handy, especially if your luggageis not always by your side, like in the hold of an airplane, for example. I believe that you are aware of how many luggage gets lost every year. Don’t let yours be one of them and purchase Trakdot. You will never lose your bags.

The purpose of this device is to track your luggage at all times. Every time you will get off a plane, for example, the Trakdot will emit a signal, and you will get a text with your bag’s exact location. You will know if it’s still on the plane, traveling across the airport runway, or already in the lane. Comes in handy, doesn’t it?

How does it work?

The principle is simple. The device uses GSM, not GPS, so basically, the cell towers around will triangulate the signal and track down the position of the device. All of the information you need will come to you via text message. It’s as your luggage is texting, telling you where it is. Simple as that.

Key features

There are quite a few features that you must know in order to use your Trakdotproperly. Here are the details.

  • When you buy your device, you must register it, together with your email and cellphone number on the Trakdot site. If you like, or if you need it, you can register more than one phone with the same Trakdot device. There are no restrictions in this sense.
  • When you think of tracking devices, what comes first to mind? GPS, right? Only that Trakdot does not use GPS, but GSM and cell tower The device will work wherever there is a GSM network available. It doesn’t matter if you are in the States or anywhere else on the globe.
  • You don’t need a charger because it works on AA batteries. So you don’t have to carry one with you at all times when you are traveling. It’s a lot easier to find some batteries than a charger, isn’t it?
  • The size of the device is really small. It only measures 3 inches, by 2,25, by 0.75 inches. You can put it anywhere in your bag. Hide it under your clothes, put it in one of the pockets, your choice. Just turn it on and throw it in your luggage. From that moment on, your luggage is being tracked.
  • It has a very smart feature that can detect when the airplane is in the air and when it is not. Trakdot detects the speed of the aircraft and can tell if the plane took off. It will automatically put itself into sleep mode to save battery life. It can also detect deceleration so it will turn itself back on when the plane lands. Clever, isn’t it?
  • When you arrive at your destination, check your phone. You should receive a text message telling you that the luggagearrived There are times when it may disappoint you and transmit that the luggage is actually someplaceelse, which is unfortunate, but you at least know where it is. In the text, you will also receive the battery status.
  • There is a Bluetooth feature as well. You will always know when the luggage is 30 feet within your location. It is really helpful when you are waiting for your bag to come down the lane or it is placed in a big pile of other suitcases.
  • If by any chance, you lose your phone, or it dies, you can track your baggage on the Trakdot website. The phone apps are compatible with both Android and iOs.

As you can see, there are quite a few features for such a small device. However, you should never underestimate small devices. Together with a smartphone app, they can save you a lot of trouble. Like looking through lost and found, for example. Losing luggage is sometimes tragic, like when you are on vacation. There is no worse way to spend your holidays than without your personal items.

Trakdot advantages

As you can imagine, this small device comes with a lot of benefits. The most important benefit is that you don’t have to look like crazy searching for your luggage, but there are others. There are cases in which the Trakdot retrieved bags from thieves. Imagine the owner’s happiness and gratitude towards Trakdot.

  • GSM services are a lot cheaper than GPS fees. Using a system which incorporates GPS will be more demanding, financially speaking. But GSM services required by Trakdot to work will only cost you 20 dollars per year. You can even buy a lifetime subscription. You justhave to pay your provider, and that is it. And really now, what is 20 bucks a year? You will not even feel it. Just pay once a year, and you are done.
  • The previous version had some faults, but this new, improved version is very reliable, according to online Trakdot reviews written by customers. You can even use it if you have multiple flight connections. The battery will work just fine for at least 48 hours. I doubt you need more time than 2 days to reach a destination where you can find some batteries.
  • The compact design will allow you to hide it virtually anywhere inside your luggage. No matter how little space you have, Trakdot will be able to fit among your belongings. You can even place it in small bags, where you keep things of value.
  • While a phone app seems to be enough for tracking, there is also a way to follow your luggage Let’s say that someone stole your bag, in which you also put the phone. It’s a bad idea from the start, but it’s already too late. Fortunately for you, Trakdot is in that particular bag. You can locate it by simply using the Trakdot website. All you have to do is sign in and follow the steps.
  • I guess you are aware of the charger issues when you travel internationally. Outlets differ, so you need adapters. But because Trakdot uses batteries to function, you will not have to worry about this aspect.


There cannot possibly be a perfect product, which is why I also want to disclose the weaknesses that Trakdot has.

  • If you are a frequent flyer, then you will have to change the batteries quite a lot. The device will be in sleep mode only when in the air, but all the time spent in the airport will add up to your battery life. After all, there are only two AA batteries. Of course, the quality of the batteries matters a great deal. I would advise you not to use anything less efficient than Duracell. Cheap batteries will mean short battery life, which is not ideal. You don’t want to lose your luggage, despite your Trakdot.
  • While using Trakdot, you must keep in mind that GSM tracking is not 100% accurate in 100% of the cases. The software is being improved every day, but it may fail once in a while. But after all, nothing in this world is 100% certain. Why would Trakdot be any different?
  • There is no application for Windows This is bad news for people who use Microsoft phones. People have been waiting for an app release for this operating system, but so far nothing has come up. There are even some jokes going around that Bill Gates doesn’t like Trakdot.

Tips for placing your Trakdot right

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While everything in this world is getting smarter, thieves make no exception. Some of them earn a living from stealing or claiming lost luggage. While Trakdot can help you find the bag you lost, there is nothing to be done if the person who takes the bag searches for the device and throws it or breaks it.

That is why you should place Trakdot in strategical places, where thieves would not even think to look. They usually browse through the contents of the baggage but in a superficial way. They cannot afford to hover too much at the crime scene, so they have to move fast. Hiding the Trakdotefficiently may save your luggage. It will also bring the thieves to justice. You never know. Here are a few places where you can hide the device so that it cannot be found easily.

  • The lining of your luggage; all suitcases and almost all duffel bags or backpacks have a double The one from the surface and the one in the interior. If you could make a cut big enough to fit Trakdotthrough, you could hide it there. I bet that in the rush of the moment, no thief will think to check the lining. Make sure to close it in such a way that you can retrieve the device to replace the batteries. But I am confident you can find a way.
  • In the pockets of your jeans or some other pants that are made of a rough material. You need it to be rough so the device wouldn’t stand out. When the thief goes through your clothes, he will be able to find something solid in a soft fabric. However, jeans are made out of rigid denim so a little piece of plastic will go unnoticed.
  • In your toiletries bag. You can put Trakdot in your shaving kit, or in a tampon box if you are a woman. Toiletries usually are in another smaller bag at the bottom of the luggage, so they are not as accessible as the rest of the content.
  • In any other small container that you may put in your luggage, like a glasses box, pen box, anything. As long as the container manages to hide the Trakdot, you are good to go.

Get creative. Find other places where you can hide Trakdot so you can keep your luggage safe. Thieves also have an internet connection so they ca be reading this right now too. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.


If you really think about it, a luggage tracking device is the best invention since the cipher locking system on suitcases. You can lock your luggage all you want. It’s useless if somebody steals it or it gets lost. A thief can always use a sharp knife to cut through a suitcase, but no thief will escape Trakdot. Even locked bags can get lost. So you see why a tracking device is so useful.

People have been losing luggage in airports ever since the commercial flight was allowed. Devices such as Trakdot promise to make this issue easier to solve. It’s okay to lose something, but it’s not fine for that certain something to stay lost. Which is why Trakdot is the best luggage tracking device you could possibly get your hands on. Use this, and you will never lose a bag ever again. Click here to buy on Amazon

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